Vincent Moretti is one of two main protagonists in A Way Out.


Ingame Description

After earning a college degree in financing and marrying his high school sweetheart, Vincent settled on a job in banking.

Promises of easy money ended up shattering his whole life when he got drawn into the world of organized crime.

Background and early life

Vincent works undercover at the bureau, working together with his brother to bring down the known drug kingpin, Harvey. During this sting operation, Harvey shoots his brother Gary in the head, and escapes the scene.

Vincent has problems with his wife because she is worried about him due to his line of work.

Events of A Way Out

Vincent is seen in a plane with Leo in the opening credits, then flashbacks to seeing him on the prison bus entering prison for his "crimes"

In the prison, he befriends an inmate named Leo, and they together work out a master plan to escape the prison.

When they finally escape the prison through a lot of work and cooperation, they manage to make it work.

They end up sailing down the river, coming to a farm, getting new clothes, a car, a better escape plan and further information about their plan.

When they enter the city they confront one of Harvey's henchmen Ray, a foreman for the construction firm. They interrogate him and get information about Harvey's whereabouts, this leads them to Mexico.

Before they could go to Mexico, they rob a gas station for money to buy guns from one of Leo's contacts before they stop by a payphone near a movie theatre so that Vincent could call his contact. As he did so, he learnt from his contact that his wife, Carol had just gone into labor and gave birth to a baby girl. After killing a hitman sent by Harvey, they quickly go to the hospital so that Vincent could meet his daughter for the first time before they head over to Mexico.

They get Harvey, return home, just to Leo's knowledge he discovers that Vincent and his contact, Emily, were undercover cops the whole time.

In Leo's rampage, he takes the gun out of Vincent's hand and takes him hostage. While Leo makes a run for it, in a nearby police car, with Vincent in the car with him, they start to yell at each other. The car chase ends in a crash, and they drive over a bridge and into the river, and Leo tries to get away from it all. While Leo tries to start a nearby boat, Vincent hits the water and tries to swim to Leo, but he got the boat starting, and sails away from Vincent.

Vincent gets picked up, by Emily. Emily flies by in a helicopter, and they chase Leo in the boat. They end up destroying Leo's boat, and he then jumps out of the burning boat, which then sails into explosive containers and causes a huge explosion. Vincent and Emily spot Leo trying to run away into a building. Emily confronts Leo but Leo takes her gun and tells Emily its between him and Vincent and asks her to leave. Emily refuses and ends up nearly getting shot by Leo until she makes up her mind to leave.

Vincent and Leo now have a huge shootout scene in the large building, which ends up with either one of them dead.


There are two ways it can end for Vincent, the player can either choose to keep Vincent alive but this, however, results in the death of Leo. Or the player can decide that Vincent dies instead.

The First ending, where Vincent lives, shows Vincent shooting Leo in the chest, killing him. He then travels to Leo’s wife, Linda, and kid, Alex, where he explains the situation. Stricken with grief, Linda forces Vincent out. Vincent is then seen going back home to see his wife and newborn baby, telling his wife he quit the police and likes his daughter's name, Julie before Carol invites Vincent inside.

The second ending is where Leo shoots Vincent and kills him which leads to Leo going to Vincent's family to deliver his letter to his wife. He reaches for the doorbell but hesitates. As he was about to walk away, he turns around and leaves the letter on the doormat, then rings the doorbell. Leo quickly leaves as Carol answers the door. Leo then drives away to meet with his family at a motel, and they ride off into the horizon as Vincent's funeral was on the same day.

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