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The prison is a location featured in A Way Out.


The prison is a large prison, though it is unclear what security levels it is at (possibly maximum security). It consists of several rooms, like the Cell Block, notably, where the prisoners are housed. The prison seems to be located on or around a cliff somewhere in rural Colorado, outside of Five Lakes.


The prison is the first location to be introduced to the game, with the building being the main setting for the first few chapters.

Leo Caruso, an inmate who served 6 months, teams with with recent fugitive, Vincent Moretti to escape prison after surviving close encounters against a hitman sent by Harvey, who betrayed both men, leading them to vow to kill him for his betrayal. They work together to escape prison to hunt down Harvey. After several nights of working and planning, they finally make their way out. At first, they were escaping quietly, but after the second person slid down a wire, it snapped, causing a lot of noise, which alerts the guards and attempt to shoot to kill them. Afterwards, the two manage to make their way out, but are forced to run really fast to avoid capture. Arriving at a bridge, which is blocked off by the local police, the two men plan a path across the bridge:

Leo's Way: Steal a Car - Leo proposes a plan to steal a cop car and attempt to cross the bridge, pretending to be a police officer. Despite Vincent's protests, he reluctantly agrees and the two quietly steal a car. Unfortunately, the driver is spotted and is forced to drive fast, only to crash off of the bridge, ending up in the wilderness to be chased by the police and K-9 attack dogs.

Vincent's Way: Cross the Bridge - Vincent proposes a plan where the two can cross the bridge by climbing underneath the bridge, despite Leo expressing his fear of heights. Nonetheless, the two quietly cross the bridge, but eventually get spotted and the two run off into the wilderness on a wild chase by the police and K-9 attack dogs.

The two men run for their lives through the woods and escape after sliding down a slope and landing onto a plateau across a ravine.


  • Front Gate - The entrance into the compound
  • Courtyard - The recreational area for inmates
  • Shower Room - The area for inmates to wash up
  • Corridors - Traversing areas for inmates and guards
  • Cafeteria - The area for inmates to eat
  • Infirmary - The area for inmates to heal and recover
  • Offices - Rooms for guards to work
  • Cell Block - The housing area for inmates
  • Laundry - The area where inmates work by washing clothes
  • Workshop - The area where inmates work on mechanical objects
  • Sewers - The dumping location for waste
  • Watchtowers - Towers for guards to oversee areas of the prison
  • Rooftop - An area where inmates can clean off the roof
  • Boiler Room - The room for pipelines



  • The prison appears on the main cover of the game, with Leo and Vincent standing in front of it.