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The portside warehouse is a location featured in A Way Out.


Not much is known about the warehouse, but it appears to be a storage facility and possibly a factory or located near one. It has several storage bays.


After Vincent Moretti revealed himself to be an undercover police officer and betrayed Leo Caruso, Leo fled with Vincent as hostage away from an airstrip. But after a car crash off a bridge into a river, Leo stole a docked boat and used it to escape on the river, with Vincent and Emily using a helicopter to chase him. After Vincent shot up Leo's boat enough times, Leo jumped off the boat before it went up a ramp and crashed into some gas tankers. From there, Leo enters the warehouse to flee from the two officers in pursuit. Inside, Vincent and Emily split up, with Leo ambushing Emily and taking her gun, forcing her to leave as the fight is between him and Vincent. She complies after some reluctance and the two men confront each other in separate offices with bulletproof windows. Leo swears that he is going to kill Vincent, despite the latter trying to convince Leo to turn himself in in exchange for a reduced sentence, but he refuses. The two then engage in several shootouts throughout the facility and eventually, one or the other gains an advantage, before being tackled by the other out of a window and continuing their fight on the rooftop. They eventually engage in a tired fistfight after losing their guns and taking off their bulletproof vests. After beating each other up several times, they notice one of the discarded guns on the edge of the rooftop and they both go for the gun, with one successfully grabbing the gun and shooting the other dead:

  • If Leo grabs the gun first, he shoots Vincent in the chest, causing him to stumble and rests against a nearby metal pole. Leo approaches a slowly dying Vincent, with him asking Leo to deliver his letter to his wife, Carol Moretti. Leo takes the letter and after a long silent handshake, Vincent succumbs to his gunshot wound and dies peacefully, with Leo leaving the rooftop.
  • If Vincent grabs the gun first, he shoots Leo in the chest, causing him to stumble and rests against a nearby metal pole. Vincent approaches a slowly dying Leo, with the two extending their hands and gripping them together in a handshake, showing that they still have some sort of friendship left. After a silent handshake, Leo succumbs to his gunshot wound and dies peacefully, with Vincent leaving the rooftop.


  • Vincent Moretti - Shot in the chest by Leo Caruso on the rooftop (Determinant).
  • Leo Caruso - Shot in the chest by Vincent Moretti on the rooftop (Determinant).