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Mexico is a location in A Way Out and a country located in the North America continent and is located south of the United States of America.


Mexico is a southern hot climate country, and its main inhabitants are Mexican civilians. Mexico is seen in-game several times throughout the story The Main Language its the Spanish.


After murdering a dealer and betraying his friend, Leo Caruso in Five Lakes, Colorado, Harvey runs away to Mexico, where he hides out in a tropical rainforest (somewhere likely the jungle of Chiapas probably Selva Lacandona), gathers an empire, and attempts to sell the Black Orlov for profit, but is unable to find a buyer.

Mexico is first seen when Harvey is approached by Sean, who was in the middle of a deal between him and two dealers, revealing that Leo escaped from prison, breaking the bad news about the hitman they sent to murder Leo in prison, revealing that he got himself killed by the prison guards. Harvey demands for Sean to find and kill Leo. After being unable to properly strike a deal with the two dealers, Harvey executes them for refusing his deal (they wanted his price to lower due to the risks, but Harvey was firm in his deal).

Later on in the game, Leo and his newfound friend, Vincent Moretti want to take down Harvey for his betrayal towards the two men (Harvey betrayed Leo and landed him in prison while Harvey killed Vincent's brother and framed him). The two eventually find out that he is hiding out in Mexico and enlists Emily, a friend of Vincent's, to fly them there, but considering that it is really far away from them, they promise to pay a lot of money for her troubles. After arriving, Leo and Vincent fight their way through the tropical rainforest where Harvey was hold up in, killing several henchmen along the way. They eventually find him at his mansion hidden deep in the forest, where they manage to retrieve the Orlov and kill Harvey once and for all. The two are then forced to flee Mexico as the remaining henchmen chase them on motorcycles. In the end, Leo and Vincent jump onto Emily's plane just as it was about to take off and they head back to America.


  • Rainforest
  • Harvey's Compound
  • Harvey's Mansion
  • Runway


  • Harvey - Shot several times by Leo Caruso and Vincent Moretti at his mansion.
  • Several of Harvey's henchmen - Killed by Leo Caruso and Vincent Moretti throughout their compound.
  • Two dealers - Shot by Harvey with one of his gold pistols.


  • It is unclear which part of Mexico the game takes place in, but it can assumed that it may be set near an ocean, possibly the Pacific Ocean.
    • It seems to be based off of the Lacandon Jungle of Chiapas, Honduras, and the southern part of Yucatán Peninsula.
      • If the game takes place in this jungle, it is likely to be located in Chiapas due to the state's close proximity of the ocean.