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Linda Caruso is the wife of Leo and mother of their child, Alex.

Early life

Linda, for reasons unknown, ended up in an orphanage where she soon met her future husband Leo, who was 12 and abandoned by his parents. They grew up together, committing petty thefts before they soon married and had a boy named Alex. Sometime in their life, they met Harvey and thought they could trust him. Unfortunately, Leo ended up arrested after Harvey killed a buyer for the Black Orlov, a diamond Leo and Harvey stole. Linda made up a story to Alex about his father and had to move so that Harvey wouldn't harm them.


Linda first appears when she visits Leo in prison, telling her he has a plan and tells him that Alex still misses him. Later, she and Alex went shopping and saw that Alex read the newspaper of his father and Vincent Moretti's escape from prison, realising she had lied to him. She is later visited by two cops, but refuses to talk to them. And as they leave, she reunites with Leo and meets Vincent for the first time. While Vincent plays with Alex, Leo tells Linda about his plan to interrogate Ray to find Harvey's location and she gives him the gun she had been saving for him.


If Vincent is killed, Linda and Alex wait at a motel as Leo delivers Vincent's letter to Carol before he comes back to pick them up and leave town while Vincent was having his funeral.

If Leo is killed, Vincent visits Linda, who is surprised to see him. She tells Alex to play outside and learns that Leo is dead. She tearfully forces Vincent out and cries as her concerned son soon heads inside. She and Alex later visit Leo's grave before they leave.


Leo Caruso

Leo and Linda met in the same orphanage they grew up in together. They committed petty thefts together while growing up as well. While growing up, they got married and also conceived their son, Alex. According to Leo, he says that they once had problems, but reconciled after he wrote a letter. As of the events of the game, the two are still happily married, despite Leo ending up in prison for 8 years. After Leo breaks out of prison, she is overjoyed that Leo escaped. In the endings, if Leo is killed, she breaks down in tears after hearing of his demise from Vincent, the man who killed him. If Vincent is killed, Leo and his family leave town together, with the two holding hands during the car ride.

Alex Caruso

Linda loves her son, Alex dearly just as much as her husband.

Vincent Moretti


If Leo is killed, she gets angry after hearing that Vincent killed Leo out of self-defense and kicks him out of her home.


  • Leo stated that he and Linda once had problems, but he wrote a reconciling letter to her, which inspires Vincent to write one himself to Carol.