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Leo Caruso is one of two main protagonists in A Way Out.


Leo has a light complexion and dark brown hair. From Chapters 1 and beyond, Leo has sideburn hair on the side of his face as well as long parted back hair. In one of the possible endings, he has grown a full beard.

Throughout the game, he wears a variety of outfits:

  • In prison, he wears a light grey t-shirt, grey pants, and black shoes.
  • In Chapter 2 to Chapter 3, he wears a rolled up green U.S. army coat, blue jeans, and brown boots.
  • In Chapter 4 to Chapter 5, he wears a grey t-shirt with a decal on the front, blue jeans, and black boots.
  • In his ending, he wears a blue plaid shirt, black jeans, and black shoes. Eventually, he changes into a jean jacket and blue jeans.


Throughout the game, Leo can be charismatic at times, but also headstrong. He is often the one coming up with the straightforward and risky ideas, such as direct assault with the gas station robbery, or driving straight across the bridge.

Though he acts gruff and insensitive, underneath this false persona he actually cares deeply for his son and his wife. Not to mention he grew to appreciate Vincent's company throughout the game. He is a good father and husband and has a positive relationship with his small family.


In-game Description

Leo was brought up in an orphanage and turned to crime early in his life. When stealing a famous diamond, everything went horribly wrong.

Now he must get out of prison and set things right for his son, his wife and for himself.

Background and Early Life

It is known that Leo was abandoned by his parents at a very young age, and left him in an orphanage. This is also where he met his current wife, Linda.

Events of A Way Out



There are two endings for Leo: One where he lives, though this results in Vincent's death. Or one where Vincent kills Leo

In one ending, Vincent grabs the gun first and shoots Leo in the chest. Both realizing that this is the end, they both grab each other's hands until Leo dies from the gunshot. Time passes and Vincent arrives at Linda's trailer to give her the news. Vincent tells Linda about Leo's death, which horrifies her and she sends him out of the door. When Vincent goes to make amends with his wife, Leo's "funeral" appears afterward. With the only visible attendants being Linda and Alex.

In the other ending, if Leo reaches the gun, he will shoot Vincent in the chest. Realizing he's doomed to die, Vincent asks Leo to deliver a letter to his wife, Carol. Later, time passes as shown by his beard. He reunites with his wife and son before packing up to go. Before he does, he delivers the letter. The epilogue shows Vincent's funeral, and the family driving off into the distance.

It Takes Two

Dolls of Leo and Vincent can be found on stands as part of an Easter Egg in the co-op adventure game It Takes Two. May wonders what the dolls are, to which Cody will explain that they are from his favorite video game and that he bought them as a gift for their daughter Rose. Buttons will be next to both of the dolls and by pressing them, either of them will say recorded phrases from their game. If both buttons are pressed at the same time, a cutscene will be triggered that reveals the dolls are apparently alive and aware of what they are.

During the cutscene, the Leo doll will express how he is still mad at Vincent for betraying him and seemingly not feeling sorry, Vincent will ask Leo what he will do about it. Leo claims that he will "Kick [Vincent's] ass" but Vincent will remind Leo that he cannot since he is a doll and is revealed to be firmly stuck to his stand, much to Leo's frustration.

Death (Determinant)

Killed By

  • Vincent Moretti
  • Himself (Indirectly Caused)

After Vincent betrays Leo and reveals to be working with the Five Lakes Police Department as an undercover police officer, Leo takes Vincent hostage and tries to escape in a car, but fails. He also attempts to escape on the river, but fails due to Vincent and Emily giving chase. Arriving at a portside warehouse, he fights Vincent, refusing to take Vincent’s deal (a reduced sentence for his help) and turn himself in. In the end, if Vincent reaches the gun on the rooftop first, he takes aim and shoots Leo in the chest. He rests against a metal pole and after one last firm handshake with Vincent, he succumbs to his gunshot wound and dies. His body was later retrieved and buried.

Killed Victims

  • Harvey
  • Vincent Moretti (determinant)
  • Several civilians (determinant)
  • Several police officers (determinant)
  • Several of Harvey’s henchmen


Non-Canon Deaths

If players as Vincent and/or Leo fail to complete certain tasks or fail to avoid danger, it is possible for Leo to die. These deaths are non-canon and will result in the checkpoint restarting. Leo will respawn and retry. Below is a list of possible deaths:

  • Falling to climb concrete wall - Both Leo and Vincent will fall to their deaths after failing to climb the concrete wall.
  • Failing to climb rope if gone second - Leo will fall to his death down the cliff while Vincent watches in horror.
  • Failing to evade attack dogs - Leo will have his arm being mauled by an attack dog.
  • Failing to shake dog off before jumping down slope - Leo will be bitten on the neck by an attack dog.
  • Failing to jump at slope - Leo will fall down a cliff to his death.
  • Failing to grab Vincent’s hand - Leo will fall down a cliff to his death.
  • Truck taking too much damage - Leo will be killed by truck explosion along with Vincent.
  • Failing to climb back onto truck - Leo loses his grip and falls off the truck.
  • Failing to evade police - Leo will get shot by the police giving chase.
  • Boat takes too much damage - Leo will be knocked off the boat along with Vincent.
  • Failing to climb on ladder at construction site - Leo will fall to his death.
  • Failing to jump gaps - Leo will fall to his death.
  • Failing to disarm cashier - Leo will get shot by the cashier.
  • Failing to evade hitman - Leo will get shot by the hitman.
  • Failing to barricade door - Leo will get shot two times in the chest and then once in the head by the hitman.
  • Failing to escape backroom - Leo will get shot by the hitman along with Vincent.
  • Failing to struggle against hitman - Leo will get executed with a single shot to the head by the hitman.
  • Failing to strangle hitman - Leo will get stabbed in the neck along with Vincent by the hitman.
  • Failing to catch Vincent - Leo will fall to death either into the forest or into the ocean.
  • Landing into other areas - Leo and Vincent will crash into the trees while landing with a parachute.
  • Taking too much damage - Leo will be killed by a henchman.
  • Failing to escape Harvey if taking Leo’s way - Leo will be executed with a shot to the head by Harvey.
  • Crashing motorcycle - Leo will be killed in motorcycle accident.
  • Failing to escape from crashed motorcycle - Leo will be killed by explosives thrown by Harvey’s henchmen.
  • Failing to escape explosives - Leo will be killed by explosives thrown by Harvey’s henchmen.


  • It is known that Leo is afraid of heights, which is brought up many times during his escape with Vincent.
    • It is later revealed that this because he fell out of a tree when he was 8, and broke his arm, much to his embarrassment and phobia.
    • What adds to this is when Vincent and Leo perform the back-to-back climbing technique and if the player takes Vincent’s way when crossing the bridge and skydiving to the drop point in Mexico.
  • Leo appears to be of Italian descent, it is also implied that Leo may or may not have been associated to some kind of Italian mafia, though this could just be simple coincidence.
  • Leo is presumably left-handed, seen from writing on the wall and in a book while waiting for Vincent to arrive in his cell.
    • Another scene suggests this, when Vincent walks up to Leo after helping him steal the chisel. It is seen that Leo is writing on a little notepad with his left hand. It's also seen when he holds a gun.
    • He holds his shotgun and machine gun with his left hand on the grip instead of the right.
  • His cell number is 48.
  • From the chapter "Fugitives", Leo inspects a sewing machine, saying that he has always wanted to learn how to sew.
  • The actor who plays Leo, Fares Fares, is the older brother of the Director of A Way Out, Josef Fares.
  • When interacting with the hats at the farm house, he says that Linda never thought he looked good in a hat.