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Jasmine's hideout is a location that is featured in A Way Out. It is located in the drier desert environment outside of Five Lakes, presumably a not too long of a drive away from the city.


Jasmine uses this location as a meetup point to serve as an arms dealer for Leo Caruso.


After recently robbing a gas station in Five Lakes, California, Leo Caruso and Vincent Moretti drive to Jasmine's hideout. There, after some intensity due to Jasmine not trusting Vincent for being a stranger, the duo try out some guns inside Jasmine's car trunk. After taking the guns they wanted, they leave in their car and return to Five Lakes.


The hideout driveway serves as an explorable area. The main points of interest is the guns inside of the trunk, which can be picked up and tried out. One player can throw glass bottles to test the other's shooting skills. Once players receive the guns they are happy with, they can interact with the duo's car doors. When both players interact with the doors, the level ends.


  • Considering in the next cutscene after departure from the hideout, Jasmine goes to a trucker rest stop to inform Harvey. There are highway signs that have beehive symbols, which could be a reference to road signs In Utah, as the state is infamous for having highway signs with beehive symbols on it.