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Harvey is the main antagonist of A Way Out. He was a major crime boss, known for many thefts and murders and having two gold pistols (although it does not use dual if not separately), and was responsible for abandoning Leo to be arrested and later in prison, and the murder of Vincent's brother. His actions ultimately caused the events of the game.

A Way Out


Harvey kills Gary Moretti , the brother of Vincent, who was also an undercover cop, who were on a joint sting operation against Harvey and Leo, whom of which want to sell the Black Orlov for a hefty profit.

While Vincent is on a listening device in an undercover van, during the operation, Harvey shoots Gary in the head, instantly resulting in his death. Harvey runs Leo over in urgency of leaving the area, leaving Leo unconscious, and ultimately leaving Leo to be arrested.

During Game

During the game, Harvey is seen in several cut-scenes before the final confrontation, one of which shows an incident where he attempts to sell the Black Orlov to two Arabs before he is told about the escape of Vincent and Leo. The convict he hired was killed by the guards and he now knows they are coming for him, so he sends his goons after them to kill them before they get to him. When he goes back to the Arabs they demand the price to be reduced or there won't be a deal. Taking the no deal option, Harvey kills them in irritation. Harvey is seen again after Jasmine informs Sean where Leo and Vincent will be, Harvey tells him to hire a hitman. Harvey is seen one last time before the confrontation torturing Ray for selling out his location to Leo and Vincent. Before Harvey leaves the room he tells his guards to "let him go". As he walks outside to have Sean gather an army Ray is executed.


When Leo and Vincent infiltrated his mansion, Harvey stands on a balcony shooting grenades at the two while they approach. When the two get close enough, one of them wounds Harvey by shooting him in the abdomen. Harvey then retreats to the main conference room, he quickly realizes that he is doomed either way and gives up his gold pistol. After Vincent or Leo approaches him, one of the convicts demands Harvey to open his safe and retrieve the Black Orlov. As he did so, he pulls out a second gold pistol from the safe and holds the convict hostage. As Leo or Vincent try to reason with Harvey, Vincent or Leo make a move to a nearby display case allowing the convict to push Harvey into it, releasing the convict from Harvey´s clutches for Vincent or Leo to wound him further. As Harvey struggles to raise his gun, Vincent and Leo repeatedly shoot him before he falls over the railing and into his pool, where he lies dead.


Harvey's organization attempt to avenge their fallen leader, only to fail as the two convicts escape on a plane with their contact, Emily.