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Gary Moretti is the brother of Vincent. He is seen in some cut scenes and is a Police Officer, like Vincent. Gary was shot in the head by Harvey, resulting in his death. Gary's death is what caused Vincent to go undercover.


Gary works undercover at the bureau, working together with his brother to bring down the known drug kingpin, Harvey and his associate, Leo Caruso. During a sting operation, Harvey shoots Gary in the head, and escapes the scene and leaving Leo behind after betraying him, ultimately starting the events of the game.

His death was avenged by Vincent and unknowingly, Leo, whom they shoot Harvey dead at his mansion in Mexico. However, Vincent was revealed to be a police officer to Leo, which resulted in either Vincent killing Leo, or Leo killing Vincent, reuniting with his brother in death.


  • Gary's death was the ultimate cause of the events of the game to occur.