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Five Lakes is a fictional region in western United States of America and is the main setting for almost all events of A Way Out, except for Chapter 4: Vengeance.


Five Lakes is the home of a majority of the characters. The city is located in a fictional Northern California. According to the name, it may also be located near lakes. Either this, or it is named this for style.



  • Prison (either in or near the region)
  • Pete's Sunrise Trailer Park (Caruso Residence)
  • Moretti Residence
  • Portside Warehouse
  • Parking Lot
  • Farm (either in or near the region)
  • The Forest (either in or near the region)
  • Rivers
  • Canals
  • Theater
  • Five Lakes Hospital
  • Airstrip
  • Construction Site



  • Although the city's name is never mentioned, if one was to look closely at the license plates on civilian cars, it reads "Five Lakes", which may suggest the city's name.
  • Josef Fares has stated in interview and Hazelight dev “Ortner” confirmed (on April 5th, 2018) in the company’s discord that “We've always refered to it being set in a fictional nothern california in the 70s.”