Carol Moretti is the estranged wife of Vincent Moretti and mother of Julie Moretti. When Vincent's brother, her brother-in-law, Gary was murdered by Harvey, Vincent decided to go undercover, concerning Carol, who was pregnant at the time of Vincent being put in prison.

Early life

Carol and Vincent both attended the same high school and became lovers. They later got married years later and tried for many years to have a baby, but it wasn't until their early 40s that Carol discovered she is pregnant. Her relationship with Vincent was tested due to his job as a police officer and her brother-in-law's death that makes him go undercover. She doesn't visit him during his time in prison and when he calls, she voices her concerns before hanging up on him. Later, when looking at a newspaper of Vincent and Leo's photos on the front page, she goes into labour and calls for an ambulance. She gives birth to a baby girl and was surprised to see Vincent and Leo arrive. Allowing Vincent to hold the baby briefly before the police arrive and she tells him to go.


If Vincent was killed, Leo intends on delivering Vincent's resignation letter to her, but leaves it on the doorstep and rings the doorbell. As he leaves, Carol, holding her baby daughter finds the letter and sobs as she reads it. She later attends Vincent's funeral where she received the flag from his coffin and consoled by James.

If Leo was killed, Vincent shows up at her doorstep and informs her that he resigned and gives her the resignation letter as proof. She tells him that she named their baby daughter Julie, which he remarks that it is a good name before she invites him in, presumably reconciling their relationship.

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