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Alex Caruso is the son of Leo and Linda Caruso.

Early Life

Leo and Linda grew up together in an orphanage, committing petty thefts before they soon married and had their son, Alex. Sometime in their life, Leo and Linda met Harvey and thought they could trust him. Unfortunately, Leo ended up arrested after Harvey killed a buyer for the Black Orlov, a diamond Leo and Harvey stole. Linda made up a story to Alex about his father so that he wouldn't find out he was in prison. She also moved moved home with Alex so that Harvey wouldn't find and harm them.


Alex is first mentioned when Linda visits Leo in prison. Leo tells Linda about his plan to escape and asks about Alex. Linda tells Leo that Alex still misses him. Leo becomes worried about Alex finding where he really is and Linda assures him that he still believes that his father is in Italy helping his uncle. Later, Alex and Linda went shopping and Alex finds a newspaper of his father and Vincent Moretti's escape from prison, realizing his mother had lied to him. When Leo and Vincent visit Alex and Linda, Leo is excited to see his son, but Alex runs back in their trailer house. Linda explains to Leo how Alex found out the truth in the newspaper. While Vincent is working with Linda, Leo tries to talk to Alex, but he runs away again to his tree house and refuses to let Leo in. Leo eventually gets Alex to come down and they share a hug together. Leo and Vincent later have a basketball game with Alex. After the game, Leo goes to talk with Linda and Vincent continues to play with Alex. Afterwards, when it is time for Leo and Vincent to leave, Alex tries to convince his father to stay and Leo gives him another hug and asks him to take care of Linda before leaving.


If Vincent is killed, Alex and Linda wait at a motel as Leo delivers Vincent's letter to Carol before he comes back to pick them up and leave town.

If Leo is killed, Vincent visits Linda, who is surprised to see him. She tells Alex to play outside and learns that Leo is dead. She tearfully forces Vincent out and cries as her concerned son soon heads inside. Alex and Linda later visit Leo's grave before they leave.